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HCC Visual Pharmacy® for Windows

HCC offers the following services through its business partner, Freedom Data Services (FDS): Internet claims processing with customizable claim reviews & edits; cash market share & evoucher programs; patient education and compliance programs; DME claims processing; credit, debit and gift card processing; data warehousing: and third party & DME reconciliation services. FDS is a value added business partner that enhances the profitability of the independent pharmacist.

HCC has certified the following pharmacy software applications through FDS to provide electronic prescription messaging through Surescripts: RX-1, Synercom, Alpha-PC and Visual Pharmacy.

Visual Pharmacy for Windows

Pure Windows Functionality

Visual Pharmacy® for Windows represents the accumulation of fifteen years of experience in pharmacy dispensing system design. Written for the Windows XP Pro/2000 environment, Visual Pharmacy has been designed to maximize the advantage of a graphical interface.

Visual Pharmacy's information is organized and displayed in small groups so that users are not overwhelmed. At the same time, users have quick access to all the information necessary to safely and efficiently fill a prescription.

In every instance, care has been taken to make Visual Pharmacy as intuitive as possible. Since many processes have been automated for the user, the pharmacist can concentrate more on the patient and the medications they are taking.


  • Standard Windows GUI interface with mouse or keyboard data entry
  • Quick, user-configurable, and streamlined prescription fill process
  • Night Series reporting and file maintenance
Visual Pharmacy for Windows interfaces with its optional companion, Visual POS Point of Sale system, as well as with EZ-Sign Signature Capture system and an inventory control system.

Prescription Processing

  • Multitasking - Process multiple prescriptions simultaneously in multiple windows.
  • Refills - Refill multiple prescriptions at patient's profile with just a few keystrokes or mouse clicks. Set up refill control for individual state requirements. Do phone-in prescription prefills during slow periods in the day. Display drug image.
  • Transfers - Perform automated prescription transfers.
  • Drug Utilization Review - Screen prescriptions against the patient's file for duplicate prescriptions, drug-disease, drug-drug, alcohol-drug, food-drug interactions conflicts, allergies, and patient compliance based on timeliness of refills and on-site and off-site medications for customers and nursing home patients. Display drug image.
  • Compounding - Compound at the ingredient level.
  • Efficient Function - Link SIG codes and free text links to quickly produce detailed directions. Write unlimited notes for patients, doctors, drugs, and prescriptions.
  • Multi-Lingual Counseling - Provide English and Spanish patient counseling and monographs and write user-definable Spanish SIGs.

Third Party Support

  • Electronic Billing - Multiple plans per patient and remittance reconciliation
  • Internet Claims - Fast background claims submission with four-second response time and electronic claim holds for online batch transmission
  • DME Claims - Use FDS' EZ-DME to submit DME claims just like drug claims.


  • Integrated Voice Response - VoiceTech
  • Signature Capture - HCC's EZ-Sign
  • Automated Dispensing - AutoMed, Baker, Medicine On Time, Parata, and ScriptPro

Additional Features

  • Electronic drug updates
  • Master drug file with display of in-stock drugs
  • Full interactive Accounts Receivable
  • Price quotes on drugs
  • Equivalent prescriptions price history
  • Price Modeler to customize price strategies down to the patient level
  • Price quotes for drugs

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pharmacy Systems

Cold & Flu Prevention and Treatment

Cold & Flu Prevention And Treatment

In any given day, you are exposing yourself to a multitude of pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and fungus as you interface with other people in the workplace, at school, through public transportation, and even with other family members. This is simply a natural part of living in the world, to which a healthy body can easily adjust and compensate.


Because the cold and flu virus is passed around from person to person the only way to really prevent them totally is to become a hermit. The more people that you come into contact with the better your chances are of catching the virus. If there is a lot of cold and flu sickness going around here are some ways you can help reduce your chances of catching them:

  • Flu Shots

    Get a flu shot every year. Your family doctor will give you more information about flu shots such as when to get them and if he/she recommends for you to get it.

  • Getting Your Rest

    One of the overlooked reasons for catching a flu or cold is the lack of rest and sleep. Inadequate rest and sleep can cause the breakdown of your immune system making you more vulnerable to the cold and flu viruses.

  • Washing Your Hands

    Washing your hands on a regular basis will help out alot. This is because most of the time you catch the virus by touching someone that has it and then rubbing your eyes, nose, or mouth. You can also catch the virus if someone near you who has is it sneezes or coughs and you breathe it in... not really much you can do about that.

  • Avoid Sudden Temperature Changes

    Keeping warm and avoiding sudden temperature changes such as being in a warm home and going into the cold outdoors will help prevent the virus. Always wear warm clothing when moving from a warm place to a cold place as this will increase your resistance to these viruses.

  • Quit Smoking

    If you smoke then quit. Smokers aren't more vulnerable, but when they catch a cold or flu virus the symptoms are much worse than they are non-smokers. Kicking the habbit is not easy but will be well worth it when it comes to your health. There are many products that can assist you in breaking the habit such as Stop-It Smoking Kit and products like Smokeshield that can protect your lungs from smoke and other pollutants.

  • Keep Your Immune Systems Strong

    Keeping a strong immune system is very important to preventing the cold and flu virus. Your immune system is what fights off the viruses and keep you healthy and feeling good.

  • Being Prepared

    One of the best defenses against the cold and flu is to be prepared for it in the even that you or a family member catches it. Having cold and flu treatment products in your home ahead of time is much better than rushing out to the 24 hour convenience store at 3 a.m. trying to find something to comfort yourself or a family member.

  • Treatment

    Just because there is no guarantee that you will not catch a cold or flu virus, that doesn't mean that you can't treat it. Here are some treatments that you can use to make someone with the virus more comfortable:

  • Rest in bed and stay warm. Avoid any physical exertion as much as possible.  

  • Drink plenty of fluids such as water, juice, and clear soups. Stay away from alcoholic beverages.

  • Take plenty of Vitamin C.

  • If you are a smoker then avoid smoking and the smoke from other people.

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