Wednesday, July 21, 2010

PrimeRx Pharmacy System

Micro Merchant Systems, Inc is a dynamic software company catering to the Pharmaceutical Industry. Our signature product line, PrimeRx ® , has been meticulously designed to efficiently manage pharmacies in the most comprehensive manner with products such as Point-of-sale, electronic signature capture, management software, customized web interfaces, electronic prescriptions, robotics/automation and much more. With a client-centered approach, our customizable products accommodate the needs of individual pharmacies for maximum impact in productivity and professionalism.

PrimeRx our core product, is absolutely essential to every pharmacy! PrimeRx uniquely combines its user friendly features with the support of the Windows backbone. This strong combination generates a program that is not only aesthetic and appealing in its design, but is also easily manageable at all skill levels.

With PrimeRx, you can:

Process tasks in a competent and hassle-free manner

Transmit claims through the Internet with an impressive transmission time of 2/3 seconds per claim. GOODBYE DIALING HASSLES!

Save time by transmitting unlimited Rxs in a single transmission. In fact, you may transmit a group of DIFFERENT PATIENTS or DOCTORS in one transmission!

Support for Multiple Language SIG, including Spanish, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu and pretty much all the languages that is supported by Windows Operating System

Drug Pick Verification and Pharmacist Verification options to eliminate dispensing errors

Drug Images on filling and Verifications screens to minimize dispensing errors

Integerated Support for Electronic Rx. Certified by SureScripts. Ability to fill New Rx as well as send Refill Requests electronically

Fill Rx without use of Mouse. Enter and edit prescriptions using one touch hot keys
Utilize a scanner to rapidly enter NDCs and Rxs

A complete Refill Management suite with Refill Queue to track all due refills with ability to process them instantly.

Batch Refills: you may refill multiple prescriptions simultaneously for a patient by viewing their Patient History and selecting the desired Rxs

Alerts for Underpaid Ingredient Cost with ability to flag claims payment based on user defined criteria
Profit Watch Tool to track under paid claims with one step adjustment billing Integrated 340B Module

Nursing Home Module with all required reports

A full featured Accounts Receivable Module (House Charge) that integrates with PrimePOS. Electronic Reconciliation - PrimeRx can read and apply Electronic Remittance Files

A completely integrated Inventory Module that interfaces with the wholesalers of your choice

Integrated Fax Module so that Refill Requests can be sent from PrimeRx directly to the doctor's office

Compound Templates can be created and saved with ability to change qty and/or ingredients for each rx

WorkFlow Module - PrimeRx has a fully integrated Workflow module to prevent dispensing errors

Tag and Track Rx - Options to dynamically define different follow up tags which can be tagged to a Rx and followed up at a later time

My Store Dashboard where you can see a snapshot of how the pharmacy is fairing. Get different financial views, top performers Drugs, Prescribers, Insurances etc. and other useful information to gauge the performance of your pharmacy

Customize your pharmacy. PrimeRx accommodates any laser label design of your choice, including your own logo

Interface completely with automated systems like ScriptPRO, Parata, Automed, Innovate, Kirby Lester, Unit Packaging systems and IVR systems

Export Reports in various formats including MS Excel, PDF etc. Integrated Bin Management Module

PrimeRx fully integrates with all our Prime Products such as PrimeESC (Electronic Signature Capture), PrimePOS (Point of sale), PrimeDMS (Document Management System), PrimeDELIVERY (Comprehensive Delivery Module), PrimeWEB (Customized web site for patients, facility and Prescriber access)

Trust on the high level of security throughout the program. In fact, PrimeRx reliability is testified by its endurance and superiority in the market for the past 15 years

Customer Service: 1-516-408-3999



  1. how much does this software cost?
    what are the computer requirements to run it?
    does this software need any additional hardware?
    Is the software for a single user or multi (number of users)?
    if I have a group of people then do we need multiple licenses and what is the cost?
    Is there an Annual licensing cost?